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  • Mariusz Kapcia

    Mariusz Kapcia

    I’m a Ruby on Rails developer :)

  • Karolina Majde

    Karolina Majde

    I'm a software test developer focused on mobile apps. Love cats, books and cooking.

  • Morrison Key

    Morrison Key

    Travel, Design, Code, repeat

  • Maria Bajena

    Maria Bajena

  • Usama Ashraf

    Usama Ashraf

    Node.js, Rails, Python, Go, React enthusiast. Aspiring software architect. In another life, learning how to make the world a better, freer place.

  • Ola Kledyńska

    Ola Kledyńska

  • Jesse Pärnänen

    Jesse Pärnänen

    Director of Business Development @Leadfeeder. #GoogleAnalytics #SaaS, #B2B #DigitalMarketing #LeadGeneration https://www.leadfeeder.com

  • Stefan Schmager

    Stefan Schmager

    Reflecting on what it means to be a designer in today’s world. Specifically in relation to ethical design & AI. https://designcollabresearch.wordpress.com/

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